For almost 2 years, a very private, practice-building chiropractic patient newsletter has been amazing an exclusive group of chiropractors - AND their patients. Many of its readers have claimed that after reading it, "I just had to send it to my family so they can learn more about chiropractic and my chiropractor.” For the first time ever, a sneak preview of this patient newsletter is being made available to the rest of the profession...

 For A Limited Time You Can Download A Free Copy Of The Most Valuable, Fully Research-based, Chiropractic Practice-Building Patient Newsletter Ever Created...

And Learn About The Only Newsletter Marketing SYSTEM™ In Our Profession

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It all started in early 2005...

I decided to do something for a private, exclusive group of doctors... I decided to start writing a very special fully research-based, pro-chiropractic health, wellness, and lifestyle newsletter that would clearly demonstrate the incredible efficacy and value of chiropractic care. But that wasn’t the best part…

Even today, most chiropractors recognize the value AND importance of having a monthly newsletter go out to their active, inactive and prospective new patients… but sadly 80-85% DO NOT have a newsletter as part of their marketing plan. Some DCs spend 4 – 6 hours per month creating their own newsletter and still hand it to their patients OR mail it to them via “snail mail”.

If you are still spending time researching, writing and creating your monthly newsletter – you do not understand the cost-effective VALUE of outsourcing!

This Newsletter Marketing System™ and Strategy has NEVER been taught “outside” of this private group of doctors. And, I guarantee what you are doing is no where near as effective as what I am about to share with you.

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I decided to create a special Newsletter Marketing SYSTEM™ with a small group of DCs as a marketing test... and the response was overwhelming. The newsletter produced an average of 12 referrals/leads and 4.3 new patients per month.

This group of DCs couldn't believe the “ripple effect” of this Newsletter Marketing SYSTEM™ and how this newsletter was able to stimulate positive word-of-mouth, leads, referrals, compliance, and new patients EACH month.

More on the exact marketing systems that make this effort predictably successful later!

The Newsletter Marketing SYSTEM™ is truly a breakthrough SYSTEM - a revamped, updated, 21st century upgrade (it’s about time) revision – of the old typical newsletter. This is a SYSTEM (and not just a newsletter by itself) that any DC who is serious about reaching their patients AND stimulating word-of-mouth d referrals should be using.

After TWO years of research and development, testing, polishing and refining…and after receiving an enormous amount of positive feedback about this Newsletter Marketing System™, (and seeing the numbers of new patients being stimulated) I have decided to open the Newsletter Marketing System™ to the rest of the chiropractic profession. .

If you are still creating your own newsletter each month – then you have way too much time on your hands…It’s time to build that practice!

I decided that the best way to let others get an inside look at this Newsletter Marketing System™ was to allow people to download a digital copy of one of the issues AND also receive information about how and why we call it a Newsletter Marketing System™. So I am putting an issue online for others to download (More on that in a moment.)

If you are able to download this file, here's just some of what you'll discover:

  • How To Find Out How Many Of Your Patients Read Your Newsletter
  • How To Find Out How Many Of Your Patients Send/Give Your Newsletter To Their Friends, Family Members, Co-workers, etc
  • How To Generate Referrals Every Month From Your Newsletter
  • How To Get Your Staff To Effortlessly Generate Referrals From Your Newsletter
  • How Your Newsletter Can Help You Become Famous In Your Community
  • How Your Newsletter Can Make You The Perceived Health and Wellness Expert In Your Town

And Much, Much More. (Too Much To List)

  Download A Free Copy Of
The Newsletter And See
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Buzz Is All About...

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Here's what three doctors had to say about the Newsletter Marketing System

"First I LOVE the fact that you – a chiropractor - write my newsletters for me. When a lay person writes the newsletter, it’s just not the same. I want to tell you that your newsletter, execution of the “system”, viral marketing that results from the newsletter and your “How to get the best results from your newsletter System” audio CD have produced no less than 6 new patients per month, and about 10-12 leads/referrals each month. Thank you…I no longer have to worry about finding the time to get this very important piece of my marketing out each month.

Dr. Vincent C.


“I love that you take care of everything for me. I used to spend 3 – 4 hours per month working on my newsletter and then I had to pay to send it out. With your system, it takes me 5 minutes each month and I generate about 3-4 new patients each month. That is a very productive 5 minutes.”

Dr. Ronald G. 


 “I realized that prioritizing my time was an essential part of working on my practice.  When I made my list of things to work on, I realized that a monthly newsletter was very important but I did not want to spend a few hours each month on it…because I knew I could do much more with my time. Outsourcing this entire operation to your company was one of the most cost-effective marketing decisions I have ever made. Thank you for the “system” component, tracking component and viral marketing component…as well as the average of 4 new patients each month. My return on investment is almost 50:1!

Dr. Anthony D


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